Lawyers in Newbridge (EH28 8AN)

The lawyers of Newbridge advise and represent you in all kinds of legal matters. In contrast to a notary or a state attorney, a lawyer has a contractual relationship with his client obliging him to see the representation of his client's personal interests as a priority. Whether legal advice, assistance in court dates or representation in front of the judge - the presence of a lawyer of Newbridge is indispensable for a broad range of legal affairs, as they can assist you in many ways. Moreover, lawyers can specialize in different areas of law such as work, family or taxes. Their main areas of responsibility include inter alia:

  • individual counselling: general legal advice, information about judicial enforceability, personal custom

  • representation towards third parties: authorities, employers, landlords, courts

  • prevention of processes: cost avoidance through extrajudicial regulations

  • design of contracts: contractual arrangements in business-affaires

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